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Children in Poverty and Conflict Southern Thailand

A forgotten conflict

Since 1948, the insurgency in southern Thailand has torn apart a fragile region

For nearly 70 years, the provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala in southern Thailand have seen routine conflict between the Muslim and Buddhist populations living in the area. While it has varied in intensity during this time, outbreaks of terrorism and violence have become more prevalent since 2001, with both the frequency and magnitude of attacks increasing. A lack of infrastructure and development has only compounded issues in the region. Unemployment has spiraled out of control, and countless children do not have the means to complete secondary- or in many cases even primary-level education.

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Children in Poverty and Conflict Southern Thailand

What are the issues facing the local population?

Constant conflict and a lack of funding has seen families de-emphasize education

We spent time across the region, talking to people and trying to better understand what problems and issues they face. After listening to residents, we realized that children in these provinces faced some of the biggest challenges. The education system in southern Thailand suffers from a lack of government funding, and insurgents have destroyed schools and murdered teachers, forcing some schools to shut their doors permanently.

Yet this is only half the problem. Most families living in the area don’t understand the importance of education. During our discussions with local women’s groups in Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala provinces, we learned that many families believe education to be a luxury, and one that the cost of uniforms, books and other supplies means they cannot afford.

How Kharma Family helps

Giving all children a chance to learn.
Giving all children a chance for a better life.

Informed by the problems facing the community, we target four key areas in which we help schools and students in the conflict-torn areas.


We help build toilets, dorms, classrooms, kitchens and other facilities needed at schools. We prioritize building what is required most urgently.


School Supplies

We provide schools with study materials, sporting equipment, general reading materials and other supplies to help children learn when at school.


Essential Items

We provide children with books, stationery supplies, underwear, towels, pillows, toothbrushes, soaps and other daily necessities for school and life.


Group Activities

We schedule events with students, parents and volunteers to help provide a positive influence for the children and demonstrate to parents the value of education.

Even a little goes a long way

Your time or donation could change the life of a child in this conflict-torn region

With your gracious support, we can eventually replace fear with hope in this neglected part of the world. KFAM has two ways you can help the children of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala.

All your donations go directly to the children

KFAM is run by volunteers

Donations and Educational Support Southern Thailand

At KFAM, we are so dedicated to helping the children of southern Thailand that we are all unpaid volunteers. That means every penny or baht of your donation goes directly to funding the children’s essential needs.

It’s time for a change

Together we can facilitate learning
In an area that needs it now more than ever


Muslim population in the conflict area who only have a primary school education


Buddhist population in the conflict area who only have a primary school education

< 13%

Of the combined population has completed secondary education

< 8%

Of the combined population hold an undergraduate degree

Make sure children in southern Thailand
no longer have to go without an education

And help bring positive change to a region that badly needs it

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