Make a donation and change someone's life

Kharma Family relies on donations to do its work. We receive no government funding or outside help and rely on the generosity of people from Thailand and beyond to carry out our mission. All donations will go towards construction work and much needed educational supplies.

How to make a donation.

For people in Thailand we have the following bank account details:

Thank you very much for all of your support.
We proudly announce with all of your help
we have raised enough money for projects 2017-2018!
Now we officially close the account for this year project.

If you make a donation into the bank, please let us know via a text message on +66 (0)899 278246 with the date of your donation and your name. This is so we know who has made a donation and allows us to keep track of what is going in and out of the account more easily.

We need more than money
If you can't donate money you can still directly and positively impact somebody's life by donating new or quality used items. The children of the area are in desperate need of study materials, sporting equipment, books, and stationery. In addition, kitchen equipment and clothing such as underwear, bras and t-shirts are required as well as medical and sanitary supplies.

Donation of resources:

  1. Please let KFAM know what items you plan to donate. (List of needed items)
  2. Please ensure all material/ equipment is packed appropriately and then labeled with the details below:
    From: (Please insert your contact details)
    To: Captain Magorn Khiwathaworn (Tel. 0896964944)
    ร.อ.มกร ขีวะถาวร (0896964944)
    กองร้อยปฏิบัติการจิตวิทยาที่ 1
    Contains: (Please list contents)
    สำหรับ โครงการของการ์ม่าแฟมิลี่ Use for KFAM project
  3. Please deliver packages to our drop-off site in Bangkok:

    Contact: Phycology troop unit 1
    Royal Thai Army 1
    Rajadamnern Nok Rd.
    Dusit, Bangkok 10300
    Contact person: Captain Magorn Khiwathaworn 0896964944
    Address: 206 Paholyothin road, Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok

    ติอต่อที่ ร.อ.มกร ขีวะถาวร. 0896964944
    ที่อยู่ในการส่งของ กองร้อยปฏิบัติการจิตวิทยาที่ 1
    กองทัพภาคที่ 1 ถนนราชดำเนินนอก
    แขวงดุสิต เขตดุสิต กทม 10300

For a full list of required donations or to learn more about how you can help make a financial contribution, get in touch with Kharma Family today.

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