A history of helping children to smile

Nion Sunpawishu has a long history of helping under-privileged children in Thailand's poorest regions. Nine years ago she co-founded the Kharma Foundation which works around the nation on a range of projects to improve the lives of children and enhance their chances in life. It was Nion's vision and the hard work and enthusiasm of volunteers, that saw the following projects make a real difference in many young people's lives.

  • 2007: Ratchawithi Orphanage for Girls in Bangkok received approximately 440 toys for their students.
  • 2008: Wat Don Jan Orphanage in Chiang Mai received school supplies, sports equipment, clothing, food and most importantly a blanket for each and every one of the 660 children living there.
  • 2009: Molotu School in the mountains of Chiang Mai province received resources and help to create vegetable gardens. They also received dry food; a chicken house and a playground for the 100 children to play on.
  • 2010: Four Schools of The Royal Border Patrol Police in district 13 of Kanchanaburi province received school supplies, sports equipment, dry food and rice. The resources were also provided for to ensure that over 1,000 children received personal medical treatment.
  • 2011: The initial visit by the foundation to the Ban Mae Gon School in Mae Sariang district took place. During this initial visit new beds and mattresses were placed in the boys and girls dormitory. The mushroom house and vegetable garden underwent refurbishment. A frog pond and fishpond were created. The school also received school supplies, sports equipment, dry food and a medical check up by a professional doctor for 80 children.
  • 2012: Follow up visit Ban Mae Gon School in Mae Sariang district. A brand new dormitory for the boys was built and the size of the communal area for general gathering and meal times was doubled. The school also received a playground and dry food for 90 children.
  • That year we also visited for the first time Baan Huay Grataai School in Mae Sariang district. This school received sports equipment, as well as blankets and personal items such as clothing, snacks and 1000 kilo of rice for approximate 70 children.
  • 2013: A follow up visit to Baan Huai Grataai School in Mae Sariang district took place. That year we constructed a building for the kindergarten children. This building is used for the children to play, eat and sleep in. A mushroom house and fishpond were created. The school received pigs, ducks, chickens and a children’s playground. In addition to this they were provided with updated medical equipment, beds, sports equipment and dry food for around 80 children.
  • 2014: This was the foundation's 8th year and by far biggest project. In total four schools received help from the foundation. These were:
    • Darulhikma school in Narathiwat.
    • Tadiga Mabuwoh school in Narathiwat.
    • Issarahuddin school in Songkhla.
    • Jaroensaat school in Yala.

Thanks to the work of the Kharma Foundation, these schools now have new buildings and facilities, new toilets, new dorms and many of their existing facilities have been refurbished. Each year they will continue to receive food, educational supplies and updated medical equipment.

The start of the Kharma Family

While the Kharma Foundation is continuing its good work, The Kharma Family was started up to allow the volunteers to really focus on annual projects to make the most difference to the lives of young people. 2015-2017, Kharma Family helped young people in Thailand's troubled southern provinces, now we are looking also at other areas of Thailand where we can make a difference. So do keep coming back to our website to keep up with all that we are doing. We rely on your good will, donations and hard work to help us to help others.